Python Resources#


This document authored by Todd M. Gureckis and is released under the license for the book. Links to the external content and cheat sheets include the name and authorship information of the originals.

This is a collection of useful python resources including videos and online tutorials. This can help student how have less familiarity with programming in general or with python specifically.

  • A nice, free textbook ”How to Code in Python” by Lisa Tagliaferri

  • CodeAcademy has a variety of courses on data analysis with Python. There is a free tutorial on Python 2.0. Although this class uses Python 3.0 and there are minor difference, a beginning programmer who didn’t want to pay for the code academy content might benefit from these tutorials on basic python syntax: Python 2.0 tutorial

  • Microsoft has an Introduction to Python video series. Each video is about 10 minutes long and introduces very basic python features.

  • A nice multi-part tutorial on Data Visualization with Python and Seaborn that gets into many more details about Seaborn than we have time to cover in class.

  • A six hour (free) video course on basic Python programming on youtube

Cheat Sheets#

Cheat sheets are short 1-2 page PDF documents that give a quick visual summary of the many options or commands within a library. A few examples relevant for data analysis in psychology are provided here: